File and Polish

A trained technician will file your nails into the shape of your choice. We will include cuticle work in our basic file and polish. The therapist will then use a base coat, the nail polish you have chosen and a top coat to paint your nails and seal the colour in.

Skincare of a beauty female feet
Especially for Men

We provide a special service just for the men who like to take care of themselves. We offer a male manicure service which consists of filing, shaping of the free edge, treatments, massage of the hand. For the hands, the soaking of a softening substance and the application of a lotion.

Kaeso We use the best products for our manicure and pedicure to give you the most nourishing results.

The Kaeso ethos is to embody naturally derived ingredients with essential treatment formulas to deliver effective and luxurious professional products.

Kaeso’s unique formulations are made with the finest, natural ingredients to assure the highest quality skincare. Natural ingredients are a fundamental part of the formulas and have been from the start.  Keaso are committed to choosing ingredients that are renowned for their true benefits to the skin. All products are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Propylene Glycol and Mineral Oil.

Studio nail — beautician polishing female nails
A manicure is good for improving the texture and health of both your fingernails and the skin of your hands, as well as leaving them looking polished and perfect. Apart from making sure your hands and nails look and feel good, a manicure often has the side-effect of relaxing you; there are pressure points on your hands that correspond to other areas of your body.
If you have an injury to your hand – a wound, or joint or muscle strain, or a rash or broken skin — you are well advised to wait until you recover before you have a manicure, or else make your manicurist very aware of your limitations.
Microdermabrasion is one of the more recent skin-care techniques to have crossed over from Hollywood to the mainstream. It’s being advanced as an “instant facelift” — an effective alternative to costlier and more invasive procedures like plastic surgery, chemical peels and Botox injections. Recently, more and more men are trying it, instead of pursuing cosmetic surgery.
Microdermabrasion is a general term for the application of tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. Many different products and treatments use this method, including medical procedures, salon treatments and creams and scrubs that you apply yourself at home. It’s usually done to the face, chest, neck, arms or hands.
Despite being so straightforward, microdermabrasion is suitable for a whole range of skin problems such as:

  • Fine lines, scars and wrinkles
  • Acne prone skin
  • Sun damage an uneven skin tone
  • Age spots
  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
Great to give your skin a fresh, young looking glow after as little as one session.
A pedicure isn’t the same as chiropody. A chiropodist is a medically trained professional who can treat diagnosed problems such as corns and calluses and carry out preventative care on your feet. This may involve minor surgical procedures such as cutting off dead skin, and treating in-growing toenails and related infections. A pedicurist is not a chiropodist. However, a regular pedicure can support any work you’re having done by a chiropodist, and may prevent you from needing further treatment.
A pedicure can help your posture by enabling you to walk more comfortably. Combined with massage, hot stones, a herbal or aromatic rub or a soak in scented oils, a pedicure can also soothe and relax you generally. Once your therapist has massaged several softening and soothing creams into your feet, you may feel you are walking on air.
Spray Tans
Here at Sophie’s beauty spa we are proud to use the award winning Sienna X Professional spray tan. Our fully qualified spray tan technicians will offer you a range of 3 different skin tones of sienna tan, a natural glow, perfect for any day time or outdoor events. A slightly more sun-kissed look, ideal for a party or a fabulous night out and the final tone is for those who prefer a gorgeous bronzed look all year round. Sienna tan contains vitamin A & E , organic aloe Vera and avocado extracts with a lovely scent.
Home Products
We also stock a fabulous home care range of sienna x tan products for you to keep up your glow yourself at home- from Sienna X Polishing Body wash to applicant mitts.
FlABeLOS LiPO Some weight won’t move despite a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. These stubborn deposits of fat in certain areas of our body are difficult to eradicate and cause the body to appear out of shape, typically in areas such as the outer thigh, hip, under-arm and abdomen. FLABeLOS LiPO uses ultrasound waves to melt away these isolated pockets of fat, and promises to provide a non-surgical and pain-free beauty treatment with excellent results. Ultrasonic treatment is the ideal way for fat reduction to re-shape your body via a non-invasive procedure.
Benefits The benefits of using FLABeLOS are endless:

  • Inch Loss
  • Reduces Cellulite
  • Dissolves Fat
  • Body Skin Tightening
  • Affordable
  • Body Contouring
  • Long Lasting Results
  • Immediate Results after Just One Session
  • No Need for Extensive Cardio Vascular Exercise

Hair removal at home can be difficult, messy, and painful – so why don’t you just leave it all to the experts. Here at Sophies Beauty Spa you’re in safe hands and our Beauty Therapists are experienced and professionally trained in the art of intimate waxing.

Results can last up to 4 weeks for a regular client and up to 3 weeks for many first time clients. For full details on the range of waxing services we offer see our price list.

Body Treatments

How much our services cost
Body Scrub
An essential treatment used to maintain healthy smooth skin with a glow.

Removing dead skin cells and encouraging new cell turnover, your therapist will use gentle massaging techniques which will stimulate circulation and help drain away any unwanted lymph toxins helping to fight cellulite and improve skin tone.

A body scrub is an excellent treatment before a massage preparing you for relaxation and encouraging the skin to benefit fully by absorbing all the hydrating products.

Your therapist will use Dermalogica’s Hydro active mineral salts and polish your skin concentrating on any areas of concern such as elbows, knees and heels. This treatment takes between 30-40 mins inclusive of shower time. £25

Why not follow your treatment with a deeply moisturising full body massage using Dermalogica’s ultra rich body cream combined with stress relief oil, ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive skin conditions. Additional £25

Swedish Massage
Here at Sophie’s Beauty Spa we are pleased to be able to offer the best known type of massage. Offering full relaxation of the body, Swedish massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility whilst relieving tensions.
Everyone will benefit from this therapeutic massage whether it’s chosen as a relaxing pamper or used to relieve stress and anxiety this is an effective type of therapy to support good health and manage health conditions.

CND Shellac

The original Power Polish
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CND Shellac, the original Power Polish, delivers 14+ day flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage.

We offer a full range of colours which can be layered together to make infinite options, CND Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended wear nail colour.

Eye Treatments

Let your eyes sparkle
We provide a range of lash and brow treatments which will emphasise the Appearance of your eyes and help shape your face. Tiniting can be applied to both the lashes and the brows to a desired colour and tone with regards to the individuals personal requirements.

Dark lashes will provide you with a more fuller look without the use of mascara or enhancements and are an ideal choice for swimmers or before a holiday. Our technicians provide a strip lash service which can also be included in a make up application or on its own perfect for a special occasion and for people who aren’t use to wearing enhancements.

Weekend lashes are the perfect accomplishment for the party season providing A fuller predominate lash…these can be applied to create a more natural look or a fuller eye catching lash that may last longer then just the weekend. A 24 path test of the glue is required.

Individual 3d semi-permanent lashes are applied individually to each lash giving a more natural enhancement. There is a choice of size, curl and thickness which your therapist will advise you of the best suitable with regards to the persons individuals lash needs.

The process is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced technician which can take approximately 2 hours These lashes can be in filled every 2 to 3 weeks however we recommend that you keep to 2 week infill’s to ensure the best possible appearance at all times. We provide a choice of 30mins and 1 hour infills to suit your own needs. NO additional cost will be added if more time is required.


Dermalogica Facials
A unique skin care with over 25 years of dedication of delivering skin health. Our therapist are educated to a specialist standard and are available to offer a free face mapping skin analysis, share with you information and provide you with the tools to attain skin health not only will they be able to talk about what your skin may require but they will give you advice on how best to improve it, along with an at home regime which will boost the results from in salon professional products.

Relax and unwind on our heated beds whilst a double cleanse will start off your treatment. Your therapist will discuss with you your skins concerns whilst doing a skin analysis to determine the best products to use. Everything from then on in your treatment will be specifically tailored to your skins needs, from extraction to exfoliate along with a custom made mask from our extensive option of professional complexes to our botanical mixers we will ensure you receive the best possible treatment and leave the salon feeling revitalised and refreshed.

Age Smart- facial

Offering professional results that targets premature ageing, photo ageing and sun damage this facial will give your skin the ultimate revitalising power boost. Designed to target ageing concerns, smooth, nourish and firm fine lines and wrinkles whilst regenerating cell turn over. This facial will target all three triggers which cause us to age.  £35.  An anti aging muscle manipulating massage can be incorporated into the treatment and the option to include a anti ageing contour mask. Additional £10 cost


Portrait of a young girl enjoying a healthy skin treatment at a spa resort.

Medi Bac Facial
Perfect for clients suffering with, problematic skin conditions with congestion and breakouts as its unique formula is designed for oily and acne prone skin. Your therapist will select products most suited to your skins needs helping to clear existing blemishes whilst helping to prevent future breakouts . £35


Ultra Calming Facial

Sensitive skin is a huge concern for many people as a result people are to weary to use products in case of a reaction occurring. This fantastic facial concentrates on calming and hydrating the skin whilst repairing the skins barrier function which can treat slightly sensitised to severely sensitised rosacea. £35


Mesotherapy facial

Mesotherapy facial is a new and advance technology which is a highly effective treatment delivering vitamins, minerals and amino acids this is a safe alternative to other injectables.Through a relaxing five step process your therapist will assess your skins needs and adapt the special cocktail of clinically graded ingredients to your individual requirements to rejuvenate, tone and tighten saggy skin or smooth out any expression lines and wrinkles.

Thermotherapy is used to warm the skin, opening the pores making way for absorption of ingredients this is a gentle and relaxing process. Diamondtipabrasion is then used to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, the suction also stimulates the blood to the surface whilst helping to plump up any fine lines and wrinkles. Clearing the skin of any congestion.

Ultrasonic technology combined with meso lift techniques the products will be pushed as far into the deeper layers of skin as possible promoting the production of collagen and elasticity whilst stimulating the circulation of the blood and nutrients enabling the ingredients to attach themselves to cells helping to lift and tighten the skin.

Cryotherapy is a cold attachment applied to the skin helping to close the skins pores and hold the products in place. Croyoderm technology is becoming a popular choice of facial as it slows down the skins metabolisim and the ageing process keeping the products in place for longer ensuring the client has full benefits of the products and maximum results. This is an excellent facial to start from the age of 25+ when the skin is classed as mature. This treatment will delay the signs of aging and smooth, tighten and lift any already visible signs of aging whilst repairing and rejuvenating the skin tone and texture. £65 per treatment, course of 6 £300, course of 10 £400.


Beautiful Make Up
If you have a special occasion, a wedding or just a night out here at Sophies Beauty Spa we provide a full make up treatment carried out by our trained make up artist. We use the best products such as MAC, Bobbi Brown, Lancome and Illamasqua. We can create any look you want whether it’s super glam or a natural look.

Pricing Table

Here you can see what prices we offer for our treatments




Body Treatments Price
Facial For The Back £25
Full Body Exfoliating Scrub £25
Swedish Back Massage £20
Swedish Full Body Massage £35
Swedish Full Body Massage And Body Scrub £52.50
Hot Stone Massage £40.00


CND Shellac Price
Plain Colour £15
French Rockstar £18
With Nail Art Extra £1
With Swarovski Crystals To Ring Finger £30
Minx, Trendy Wraps, 3D Wraps £25
Caite Caviar Nails £15


Eye Treatments Price
Eyelash Tint £7
Eyebrow Tint £7
Brow Shape & Tint £10
Weekend Lashes Half Set £8
Weekend Lashes £12
With A Fuller Look £14
Individual Eyelashes £55
Infills 30 mins £18
Infills 30 mins £25


Facial Treatments Price
Custom Dermalogica Facial £35
Mesotherapy Facial Treatment £65
Mesotherapy Facial Treatment (6 Courses) £300
Mesotherapy Facial Treatment (10 courses) £400


Hands & Foot Treatments Price
File & Colour Polish £8
Male Manicure (Soak, Scrube, Cuticle Work, Buff & Shape) £13


Non surgical alternative to lipo suction. Guaranteed inch loss and pain free. Dissolves fat and reduces cellulite.

Flabelos Lipo & Vibration Plate Price
Flabelos LIPO (per session) £60
Flabelos LIPO (3 session) £75
Flabelos LIPO (6 sessions) £135
Flabelos LIPO (8 sessions) £160
Flabelos LIPO (12 sessions) £1210


Make Up Treatments Price
Eye Make-Up With Lashes £15
Full Face With Lashes £25


Manicure Price
Manicure (Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Shape, Massage) With Polish £15
Manicure (Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Shape, Massage) With French Polish £20
Luxury Manicure With Polish £24
Luxury Manicure With French Polish £27


Perfect for aging skin as it plumps out fine lines and acne scars

Microdermabrasion Price
First Treatment £35
Small Course Of Four £120
Course Of 8 £200
Course Of 12 £300


Pedicure Price
Pedicure (Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Shape, Massage) With Polish £16.50
Pedicure (Soak, Cuticle Tidy, Shape, Massage) With French Polish £18.50
Luxury Pedicure With Polish £25
Luxury Pedicure With French Polish £27


Sienna X Spray Tans Price
Full Body £18
Half Body £13


Waxing Treatments Price
Eyebrow Wax £6
Lip Wax £4
Chin Wax £4
Lip And Chin Wax £6
Underarm Wax £8
Bikini Wax £10
Half Leg Wax £14
Full Leg Wax £20


Specials Price
Indulgent Ladies (Luxury Manicure & Pedicure & Dermalogica Facial £65
Tonight’s The Night! (Sienna X Spray Tan, Flare Lashes, Shellac Hands & Minx Toes £45
Total Relaxation (Full Body Exfoliation With Swedish Massage & Dermalogica Facial £65